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Gender Neutral Pronouns

Useful pdf outlining commonly used gender neutral pronouns here.

More examples from The New Gender, “Ze likes hir pronouns just fine
The Gender Neutral Pronoun Blog

Subject – zie (pronounced “gzee” or “zee”), tey, ve
Object – zim, hem, em
Possessive – zir, ze’s, xyr, hir

Ze/Hir example

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One day, their parent sent them out into the world to make their fortunes. The first little pig was lazy. Ze said, “I will make my house out of straw.” After a two hours’ work, hir house was finished and ze kicked back to enjoy the afternoon. The second little pig was slightly more industrious. Ze decided, “I will make my house out of sticks.” Ze set about doing just that. Ze gathered branches, built hir house, used a few nails, and was done in time to take a dip in hir favorite mud hole. The third little pig saw the work hir siblings were doing and declared, “How shortsighted they are. I will make my house of brick.” The other two saw hir and rolled their eyes.

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