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For PFLAGers

1. Topics, videos, and images covered
Almost everything covered will be found here:
pinterest board
Sorry, Pinterest gives only a limited preview. So you’ll have to sign up (or use this complicated work-around). You can sign up simply by using an email and a password. The email address doesn’t have to be verifiable.

2. Homework Assignments:
Article: How Using They as a Singular Pronoun Can Change the World
Pronoun Round Etiquette
Ally Moms
Video 1, video 2, video 3.

3. Recommended Books
books we love

4. Recommended videos:
PLUS watch the Gender 101 videos

5. Stay updated by following these pages:
PFLAG Gender Focus Facebook
So Cal Queer Events Facebook
Conversations with a Gender Therapist
Black Trans Women’s Live Matter
Translatina Coalition
…and many more!

6. Most importantly, Genderfork:

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