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OCFTM Beach Party

September 11, 2015
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OCFTM hits the Bolsa Chica state beach and makes a whole day of it. Come join us for fun, sun, the beach, games, and lots of great company. Please bring a side dish to share (chips, fruit, cookies, salads, beans, brownies, or surprise us!). Hot dogs, s’mores, soda and water are provided by OCFTM.

This event is free (the donation can will be there and donations are always appreciated!); however the state beach parking is $15 per vehicle, so please try to carpool. This event is sponsored by OCFTM however the event is open to the entire OC transgender community and allies. Family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend. No dogs, alcohol or smoking are allowed on the beach. You can bike-in or ride the bus and walk-in for free. Parking is close at this beach and there are snack bars, bike rentals, etc. available. This beach has individual/private bathrooms.
Look for the OCFTM banner and canopy near lifeguard tower #23, and try to park in parking lot #21 if possible. Bolsa Chica state beach has only one entrance at a stoplight off of PCH. It is located north of Huntington state Beach and south of Sunset Beach. When you enter the gates, go to your right side (north) and it’s about halfway down. Look down at the pavement at the entrance to each parking lot for numbers. Please check the beach website for additional info.

If you’re planning on joining us for the day, please bring some form of shade (and sunscreen!). The canopy space is limited and there is no shade otherwise. Please also bring your own chairs or blanket to sit on. If you plan to come for the bonfire only, try to arrive by 8pm at the latest. Its gets very windy and cold as the sun goes down, so plan on having a jacket or blanket as well. We’re there early in the morning, so anytime is fine to meet up with us and stay for all day or as long as you’d like.

Saturday, Sept 19
Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach
Hosted by OCTFM. Send them a message on Facebook to be able to see the Facebook event.

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