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Gender Non-Conforming (GNC), Trans, Womyn’s Futbol Game

April 27, 2014


All skill levels welcomed to the space.

What to Bring:
Cleats (if you have them)
Potluck Item
Plate and Fork (we’ll have a few disposable ones)

GNC, Trans, Womyn Futbol Game Mission:
As a lived community of diverse womyn,transgender and gender nonconforming activists and allies, we step alongside, arms linked, onto the field to play.
We play for the game this day to congregate and remember,
to witness and celebrate those movements and voices of
strength, fury, intelligence.
This gathering brings together old friends and young stars,
those liberated by visions of gender equality and social justice.
Together, let us shift.
Let us build leadership, courage, reflexivity, determination, capacity.
Let our feet dance together on the field of green pastures.
Let our feet grace the land beneath the arched sky,
playing with love the beautiful game- futbol in the sun.

Sunday, May 4. 4-7pm
Location: San Pascual Park, South Pasadena at San Pascual Dr & Stoney Dr
Facebook event.

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