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Photo Campaign: “I am an Ally”

January 2, 2013

I am an Ally Campaign

Wipe out Transphobia has been active in our image campaigns to show that trans people are proud of who they are and that we are capable of finding love and having fulfilling relationships. This gallery however is to show that our community does not exist in isolation and that trans people do in fact have many people willing to stand up for human rights and equality as our allies. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support.
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I am What I am Campaign

Our ‘I am what I am’, campaign was started on our Facebook page and we asked our members to submit a photo or image of themselves with the phrase ‘I am what I am’, or ‘I am who I am’, as they preferred. We were overwhelmed by the response and support from our members and we love every single image.

The point of the Campaign was to show that even among a group labelled as trans and therefore seen as one specific kind of person, we are all quite obviously very different and unique. With that in mind, it’s therefore impossible for the word trans to define who we are as people.

We don’t need to fit into society. We ARE society!

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See the contributions gallery here.

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