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Call for submissions

January 1, 2013

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Transcendence: A Positive Trans*, Non-Binary, and Genderqueer Fiction/Art Zine
Edited by Marilyn Roxie and Jacob Milnestein
Release Date: 1st Quarter/2nd Quarter 2013

As achievements in increased awareness of the spectrum of gender identities continue to be made, there is also a growing need for positive representation of trans*, non-binary, and genderqueer people in fiction and artwork; stories and images that can uplift and inspire those in the community, and enlighten our allies. The purpose of the Transcendence zine is to showcase the diversity of our identities and the varied ways in which we celebrate ourselves. We are currently seeking fiction and art submissions.

The zine will be also serve as an effort to generate interest for the anthology on the same topic we plan to release later on in 2013 – any submissions to the zine may be considered for the later anthology. The anthology, unlike the zine (which will be freely available online) will have a cost with all proceeds donated to a charity that works with the trans* community.

Fiction Guidelines: Short stories – 4,000 to 8,000 word length. All genres welcome – seeking magic realism and speculative fiction in particular. Science fiction, historical, fantasy, straight lit are all acceptable, although perhaps it might be easier to steer away from direct horror due to the positive nature of the anthology. Please feel free to contradict this if you desire, whether it is through the the most breathtaking and life-affirming ‘Final Girl’ scenario within the context of a tale that deals with affirmation regarding gender, or another subversive approach.

Art Guidelines: Art of uplifting nature (define positivity as you see fit) concerning trans*, non-binary, and/or genderqueer identity. The theme is entirely up to you. Art may be submitted along with or entirely independent of fiction piece.

Fiction submissions: Submit your fiction work according to guidelines with a short bio and, if available, link to your website / online portfolio to as a .doc or .rtf attachment. with the subject TRANSCENDENCE ZINE SUBMISSION. Please include your author name and title of the piece. Content of text files should be presented in 12 point Times New Roman with 1 inch margins

Art submissions: Submit your artwork according to guidelines with a short bio and, if available, link to your website / online portfolio to as a .jpg or .png attachment with the subject TRANSCENDENCE ZINE SUBMISSION. Please include your artist name and title of the piece, as well as any notes on medium or background information you may wish to include.

The deadline to submit is January 20th, 2013. Authors and editors will not receive monetary compensation for their zine contribution – this will be a free release.

Queries about the anthology can be directed to or tweeted to us @GenderqueerID on Twitter.

Marilyn Roxie blogs at Genderqueer Identities and is a library tech and webmaster for the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

Jacob Milnestein writes stories. Like most people, he has a website.

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