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Youth and Gender Media Project: Speaker

December 17, 2012

Media coverage of controversial subjects has become increasingly pro and anti. The subject of transgender children gets particularly polarized coverage. Talking heads from the left and right scream at each other. There is a lot of noise, but little illumination.

Jonathan Skurnik is a much needed antidote to the sensationalizing of transgender youth. His Youth and Gender Media Project portrays ordinary people living everyday lives. Some of them just happen to be transgender.

His quiet, nuanced approach allows family, friends, teachers, principals, students, and even therapists to concentrate on the needs of transgender children and not the hype.

Making his second appearance at PFLAG Los Angeles, where he screened his short film “I’m Just Annika,” Jonathan brings us an update on his work. He will be screening two short films one about a transgender teen called “Becoming Johanna,” and another on safe schools.

As a filmmaker, Skurnik likes to tell the stories of people who are marginalized: a Native American forced into boarding school as a child, a Russian immigrant elevator operator, a stutterer, and most often gender non-conforming children.

Come and meet this documentarian who is changing the world one film at a time.

Jonathan Skumik speaks at Westwood PFLAG.
Wed, Dec 19. 7:30pm.
Westwood United Methodist Church, 10497 Wilshire Blvd
Event website.

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