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Hot & Bothered: A Celebration of Sexual Healing

July 19, 2012

Saturday, July 21.
Workshop age restrictions vary by room. See details below.
Sliding scale entrance fee: $3-10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Chucos Justice Center. 1137 E. Redondo Blvd, Inglewood
Facebook event.


12:00-1pm: registration & food

Room 1: all ages & childcare space
→1-2pm Hooping workshop with Ginger

→2-4pm Discussing sex as a family with Ticicalli Yahualli
Conversation that will focus on the autonomy of children’s bodies,& how its important for them to hold autonomy of their body to bring sexual health and safe exploration. This conversation will explore how we as adults/parents may help children set boundaries for their bodies, reinforce it and model it.
(all ages, all genders welcome)

→4-5pm UndocuQueer with Immigration Youth Coalition Los Angeles (IYC-LA)
Undocu-Queer is both a political statement and a statement about sexuality. Together the terms carry a heavy history of oppression but also a beautiful history of resistance. The focus of the workshop is to contexualize the history of queer and immigrant experience in which both histories intertwine in the undocu-queer experience. Creating an identity of intersection between sexuality and political resistance. (all ages, all genders welcome; we would like to attract Undocumented Queer folks and allies to this workshop)

→5-6pm Know Your Body & Body Autonomy with Ticicalli Yahualli
Exploring female reproductive anatomy, menstruation rituals, eco-friendly reusable alternatives, self-love body autonomy.
(for teen girls/womyn ages 11-17, all ages welcome)

Room 2: ages 18+
→1-2pm Shodhini Institute: Embodying Empowerment, An Intro to Radical Health
The Shodhini Institute is a radical international movement comprised of individuals that are questioning and re-envisioning the way we understand our bodies, health, and how we interact with the world within the framework of self-help. We teach people the basics of how to create space for the ritual of self-examination using a speculum, flashlight and mirror. Together we redefine our “reproductive” anatomy looking at ourselves as part of spectrum versus a male-female duality. We share about our experiences to learn from each other and we teach about how to use two orgasmic yoga practices to forge a connection between their heart and genitals. (18+, all genders welcome)

→2-4pm Building Local Autonomy Networks for Safety with Micha Cardenas
Local Autonomy Networks (Autonets) is an artivist project started by Micha Cárdenas focused on creating networks of communication to increase community autonomy and reduce violence against women, LGBTQI people, people of color and other groups who continue to survive violence on a daily basis. The networks will be both online and offline, including handmade wearable electronic fashion and face to face agreements between people. Autonets includes a line of mesh networked electronic clothing with the goal of building autonomous local networks that don’t rely on corporate infrastructure to function, inspired by community based, anti-racist, prison abolitionist responses to gendered violence. The Autonets garments, when activated, will alert everyone in range of the the local mesh network who is wearing another autonet garment that someone needs help and will indicate that person’s direction and distance. There will be physical activities for building networks of safety, based on Theater of the Oppressed, the Pocha Method and dance methods
(18+, all genders welcome)

→4-5pm BDSM for Queer People of Color with Masociclistas
Politics of bikes, kink, and BDSM for Queer People of Color. Discussion about sexy things you can do that are bike related. Boundaries and Intensity of Play. Hands-on demonstrations about Flogging, Tube Tying. These demonstrations can be done on others, yourself or you can simply watch, whatever your level of comfort is. (18+, all genders welcome; facilitated by and for Queer People of Color. People of Color who are not Queer but are in solidarity with QPOC are also welcomed. Open to single, coupled or poly arranged people)

→5-6pm Have Your Cake and Eat It Too with Kayla
This is an interactive workshops where you will learn the in’s and out’s of using food in the bedroom. From do’s and don’ts to when’s and where’s. You’ll get to know the dirty details on how to make your sexual foodie experiences more kinky. You’ll also get to pick a partner (or bring your own) and try out these delicious and indulging treats in ways you never thought possible. This workshop will crave your sweet tooth and rock your world all at the same time. (18+, all genders, queer and trans* folk of color, open to couples and/or those who aren’t afraid to couple up for some fun)

Room 3 (age-restricted)
→1-2pm Decolonizing Love with Nube f. Cruz
An accountability skillshare, and discussion on healthy love and relationships and what does that particularity mean to QTPOC.
(18+, all genders welcome, queer & trans people of color only)

→2-3:30pm Knowing Our Queer Contradictions: Anti-violence Practices Around Jealousy, Envy and Sharing Community Space with Beautiful Struggle
This workshop will explore the ways in which non-monogamy and polyamory can offer healing and counter hegemonic practices for queer and transgender people of color’s relationships to ourselves, our communities, dominant norms and systems of power. Our aim is to creatively explore the ways in which our lives have been shaped by a hetero-normative, monogamous, capitalist, racist, and colonizing frameworks while unpacking the ways these deficient and toxic models have become naturalized to us. We will look at the contradictions and conditions of living within a white supremacist nation, asking each other what impacts this has on our relations to spaces like: family/community, religion/spirituality, educational institutions, and media/culture. We believe that each of these entities have greatly influenced our thinking and practices of intimacy, communication, insecurities/jealousy, self-love, self-care as well as our understanding of community. (18+, all genders welcome. People of color, and queer & trans people of color centered)

→3:30pm-5pm queer.fat.disability with Katherine
Discussing sex with a disability, sex toy use with partners, and safe sex after sexual trauma. (16+, all genders)

→5-6pm Not Too Afraid: A caucus for trans feminine PoC in Academia– CAUCUS with Sottolin Weng
(18+, for non-operative, post-operative, or semi-operative trans women and other gender non-normative folks starting from a male body who identify as people of color and currently in a college or university setting)

Big Room (all ages)
(vendors + performers + food + Handz ON interactive stations)
→1:30-3pm Letter writing to CeCe with Treva
→3pm Performance with Vassy
→3-4pm Twerkshop with Three Olivas-Breazell
A music mash-up of sexy, booty bouncing’, tip drippin’, ass clappin’, body rollin’, hair flippin slut-ness. I will lead the group through your basic strip tease moves, ass shaking moves, body rolling, sensual teasing and sexy stage presence. The end result will be a learned sexy simple dance tease routine that can be taken back home, to your bedroom, to the club or to the stage. The purpose of this all is to get in touch with one’s inner diva and sexy. Everyone has it and this is the twerkshop to let that inner-slut out 😉
→3-4:30pm Kissing Booth with Ezak & Jovan
& PhotoBooth with Fly Earth Photography
→4:30pm Pasties, tassles and assles making station with Vassy

Notes on accessibility: we will have a disabled access porta potty in the main room, and there are additional all-gender restrooms upstairs. Chuco’s main entrance (where workshops, food, vendors & childcare will be held) is wheelchair accessible. Parking is free & abundant in the lot across the street from the space, and there is limited street parking available.

BUS INFO: crenshaw bus 710 or 210 (stops approx 3 blocks from the space), or Florence bus 111/311 (stops approx 3 blocks from the space)

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