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Three non-local activities

December 26, 2011

Online, based in Toronto: 1. femme visibility research study

1. You will submit up to three (3) photographic self-portraits through a website. These self-portraits do not need to include your face but should give a clear picture of your clothing.
2. You will also submit written responses to the three (3) interview questions through a website.
3. The investigator will then examine these photographic and written responses for similarities in content in order to organize and curate an online exhibition.
4. The photographs will be exhibited publicly on a website entitled “Beyond Lipstick”. The photographs will be displayed in an online gallery format accompanied by one or more of the written responses.
5. The photographs and interview responses will also be displayed in a physical form at the MA Fashion Graduate Show scheduled June 7, 2012 in Toronto, ON.
6. Future use of submitted photographs and interview responses may include by is not limited to: journal, book and/or magazine publication, public event or exhibition.

Submit here.

2. TG States of Recognition online survey, based in Syracuse, NY
Take the survey. Contact Tre Wentling, PhD Candidate for more information.

3. Call for performers, San Francisco
Money for travel included.
Annie Danger says:

“The More Than You Ever Knew Cabaret: Trans Women’s Hearts In Glitter, On Stage” is the working title for a San Francisco-based, interactive stage show I’m producing for a two day run in very early July, 2012. If you want to see some more of my work, visit [here].
I want you to be a part of this project! I am looking for 6 queer, trans women to perform in the show with me. Despite/including the glitter statement above, I am looking for all manner of gender presentations–femme, butch, futch, bemme, lonewolf, all of it.
I will review these submissions and get back to you. Please feel free to forward this survey to anyone else you think would be great for this project.
I have been commissioned by the Queer Cultural Center here in San Francisco to produce a brilliant, cutting, fun, honest, wild, ecstatic event…I am writing because I want you in my show and I will be able to pay you (and your travel expenses) to join me.

Fill out the survey/submission. More details on facebook.

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