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Theatre of the Oppressed & GJLA

November 30, 2011

1. Check in and Welcome 2. Community Agreements
3. Name & Gesture & Pronoun (theatre game) 4. Machines (theatre game)
5. Mirroring (theatre game)
6. River Stories (drawing, writing, and theatrical presentations of personal stories)
7. Break 8. Collective Poetry 9. Image Check In
10. Review of past evaluations, announcements, other dialogue if necessary and we have time
11. Closing Circle 12. Evaluations 13. Socializing/sharing

SNACKS: We invite everyone to bring snacks to share at this meeting if they would like. Unfortunately, we do not have any donated food this time.
BRING YOUR GOODS: Feel free to bring anything you made or have that you would like to sell or trade. Feel free to bring something (clothing, cookies, etc, etc.) that someone else might find useful or be able to use as a gift. There will be some time to socialize and buy/trade during breaks, at the beginning of the workshop and after the meeting is over.
MORE DIALOGUE: We have re-scheduled the “Evening of Dialogue” for Wednesday December 7th. Let us know if you can make it and which time would work better for you: 6:30 – 8:30pm or 7 – 9pm.

Sunday, Dec 4. 2-5pm. USC’s McClintock Building, Room 111
Parking & transit map.

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