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Genderqueer Families Hangout

October 4, 2011

Sunday, Oct 9, 1-4pm
Loma Alta Park, 3330 North Lincoln Ave, Altadena
Facebook event.

Event: All are welcome, whether or not you have kids. Come play with genderqueer families! Bring blankets, sunscreen, lunch and snacks, water, or whatever else you might need for an afternoon at the park.

Group Sponsoring Event: For queers who have kids, like kids, or are “questioning” kids. 🙂

Directions & details…

Directions: From the 134 freeway, take the 210 west, exit Lincoln, turn right on Lincoln and drive all the way north towards the mountains (pass Woodbury St, Ventura St, and Altadena Dr). Turn Right on W. Loma Alta Drive, and then make your first left and follow the road to the parking lot behind the recreation center. You can find us at the playground …located just north of the recreation center. You will be able to see the playground from the parking lot.

We are a community in L.A. of genderqueer people who have close relationships with kids—as parents, partners of parents, aunt/uncles, friends, etc., or people who are planning to someday have kids. We’ve found that the resources available for lesbian and gay parents in L.A. presume a “two moms” or “two dads” arrangement and are generally very gender-normative in their conceptualization of both parents and children. But what about queer/genderqueer parenting (dyke dads, fag moms, and all the other possibilities…)??

Sometimes we get together for playdates in the park; other times we hold meetings to discuss issues related to gender and parenting. At our meetings, we have talked about how the children in our lives conceptualize gender and queerness, the difference between queer and lesbian/gay parenting (is there one? what is it?), how to relate to children in differently- and cross-gendered ways, queer pregnancy and birth options, communal and queer childcare, and how to parent or care for children without being totally integrated into private, consumer-based and homonormative domestic relations, and how to help create sustained space for children to explore gender, desire, and their own embodiment without imposing our own favorite gender systems on them (whatever they may be). We hope you’ll join us!

While we are not specifically a transgender parenting group, many of our members are trans-identified. We welcome all trans people who support genderqueer parents and kids!

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