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Genderqueer & trans pool party

August 10, 2011
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Flyer for pool party. stubbled legs with nail polish.

This is a private pool party for people who identify as genderqueer, gender variant, gender non-conforming, two-spirit and/or trans. You may ONLY bring SUPER ally friends/loved ones to this event.

Please respect our need for a body-positive and affirming Safe space to let go and jump in!
Pool party & potluck hosted by Gender Justice LA
Saturday Aug 13, 4-8pm. Free. WeHo Pool, 647 N San Vicente
Facebook event. Details below.

– Bring a side, main course, snack food, desert or drink that you want to share!
– Post the item you plan on bringing on this page, and as the list grows we will let you know if we still need deserts, sodas, etc . . .
– Bring pre-cooked foods, there is no grilling or cooking allowed at the pool!

– Beach balls
– Noodles
– Hand sized squirt guns, NO super soakers!!
– Diving rings and sticks!

– FLOATIES – no floatation devises, except for water wings..
– No water balloons
– No super soakers!! ):

– No white shirts, because the lifeguards are trained to dive in when they see a white shirt!
– The lifeguards will receive a genderqueer and trans awareness training before the party!

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