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call for extras

August 2, 2011

Be an extra on the Metahuman music video So Pomo Saturday August 7th, 4pm-10pm!

We are in need of extras to be fans at a queer pep rally to be shot on location at Pomona College in Claremont, CA.
We will be meeting at the Pomona College Queer Resource Center located at 395 E. 6th Street, Claremont, CA 91711. You will get into costume and make up there, and then head over to the football field to shoot a scene where Metahuman performs at a surreal queer pep rally.
You would need to arrive on time and be able to stay for the entire shoot. We will provide you with dinner and snacks, and you will get to participate in a fabulous and fun shoot! You are responsible for hair and makeup, we can provide touchups only. Please come with hair and makeup (if applicable) done. Fantastical drag queen and David-Bowie Esque makeup is encouraged. Facebook event.

If you are interested, reply to so that my Assistant Director Charli Toratani can follow up with more details.
Please bring THREE outfits to the set so we can choose the best fit for the video.

Color Preferences: aqua, lime green, orange, purple, hot pink, metallic (gold, bronze, silver).
Flamboyant fashion of all varieties, 60’s era fashion, GoGo, Club Kid, David Bowie-esque Suits, wild wigs in unnatural colors or giant drag queen-esque wigs. Fetish attire: corsets, Latex, leather. Cosplay: Come Out and Play!, furries (full body animal suits or just the heads), animal masks, slips, lingerie, tutus, feather boas, evening gowns, subcultural fashion of choice including goth, punk, raver, rockabilly, flannel dykes, jock (we want you to represent your queer identity of choice), brightly colored track suits

NO STRIPES, NO WHITE, AVOID BLACK TOPS (w/ the exception of fetish or “subcultural” attire). Black bottoms okay.

Don’t decide not to come because you think you have nothing to wear! Questions about costuming can be directed to

Parking information:
Visitor parking is located in the Alexander Parking lot (highlighted on the map in purple). If the lot is full, you can park on the street on Mills Ave, one block east of the QRC. The QRC is marked on the map with red arrows. If both Alexander and Mills Ave are full, you can park in the student parking lot just to the east of the QRC and put a sign in the car windows that say “Working at the QRC. Call to move” and put your phone number so campus safety can call you if you need to move your car.

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