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Transgender Student Advocacy Training Workshop Part II

March 8, 2015
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oc aclu training
March 11. 6-8pm
1851 1st Street, Ste. 450, Santa Ana, CA 90017
Register here. Facebook event.

The goal of these trainings is to bring positive change for and with transgender students in Orange County by educating and empowering community members on how to share their personal testimonies and engage local decision-makers, including school board members.
Come meet and network with other community members and advocates from your district, learn how to speak to board members, and create action plans for building supportive schools for transgender students.

SFV: Coming Out of the Shadows

March 8, 2015

sfv shadows
March 21. 12pm-2pm Facebook event.

Justice for Zoraida – postponed

March 6, 2015
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fullerton march 6
An updated message from DeColores Queer OC:

*******ATTENTION IMMEDIATE RELEASE******** Thursday March 05, 2015, 4:15 p.m. We have just spoken with the District Attorney’s Office and have been informed that the defendant will be making a motion for continuance of the preliminary hearing. Simply, he will be asking the court to continue this portion of the court process for at least a couple of weeks, depending on whether or not he waives his right to certain procedures. There will be nothing of substance occurring in the courts tomorrow. We have made a decision to postpone our gathering until the new date that the preliminary hearing is calendared. We thank all of you for the interest and concern in this matter and hope you will continue to stay apprised of the situation. We will continue to update this page with pertinent information as soon as we receive any details or news. We thank you sincerely for your concerns.

Previous message:

Please join us this Friday in front of the North Justice Center, 1275 North Berkeley Avenue in Fullerton @ 6:30 a.m. as we gather in community as witness to our dearly departed sister, Zoraida Reyes. Friday is a significant day in our search for justice in Zoraida’s passing. This event, the “Preliminary Hearing” is a vital moment in this due process, where the District Attorney and the police agencies will reveal the evidence and argue for a case in defense of Zoraida. Community presence at this stage of journey is highly encouraged and could make the difference in whether the DA actually decides to pursue charges in Zoraida’s case. Please, we cannot emphasize your presence enough! While we understand your other commitments and know the day could be long and unpredictable, please, if you are able join us @ the courthouse whether out of or in the courtroom. See you Friday morning!

Bearcoon show

March 5, 2015

Queer “Hillbilly Mountain Blues Lumberjack Rock” duo Bearcoon performs Sunday, March 8th at The Federal Bar in Long Beach (map).

Queer Rock Camp

February 27, 2015
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date tbd queer rock camp

Learn more at

Youth Play Group + Parent Support

February 27, 2015

WHO: Transgender & gender non-conforming children ages 3-13 + parents
WHEN: March 15th (and every third Sunday)
WHERE: The Center OC, Santa Ana

Your children can participate in planned activities and play in a safe space surrounded by peers, while parents will meet together and share experiences and resources.
All families must be screened prior to joining.

Trans & Queer Youth Action

February 19, 2015
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Friday, February 20th
Los Angeles City Hall
Originally posted from GSA Network Southern California.


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